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my nix files that currently provision my rocks

Updated 1 week ago

Processing 0 0

A git repo of my Processing sketches

Updated 4 months ago

Python 0 0

a collection of learned incantations

Updated 5 months ago

Python 0 0

A small script to merge sync conflicts of TiddlyWiki files

Updated 5 months ago

code for hugo website running on anish.lakhwara you might catch some draft posts if you look here

Updated 6 months ago

Implementing Django's tutorial Polls application

Updated 6 months ago

A Django application to pick a random game from the BLM Bundle

Updated 6 months ago

incantations of instrument

Updated 7 months ago

a gtk clone of uHabits

Updated 8 months ago

the source code for my work with glsl

Updated 9 months ago

my attempts at cryptoHack solutions DONT FUCKING CHEAT

Updated 9 months ago

python code for analyzing my life through the data i have collected.

Updated 11 months ago

A copy of all my lists, to be placed into shaarli

Updated 1 year ago

a private garden in a familiar place

Updated 1 year ago

simple link-saving application for android

Updated 2 years ago